Here are some guidelines on how to use and care for your Lykka products:  

  • Do not place your Lykka product in the microwave oven

  • Do not place your Lykka product in the freezer

  • Do not place your Lykka product on a direct heat source like an oven or stove

  • Do not overfill, hot liquid can cause burns if spilled

  • To prevent spills and leakage and to maximize the heat (or cooling) time, the lid needs to be properly and fully tightened to ensure airtight seal, the use of the traveler’s lid will reduce the efficiency

  • Lykka bottles are not intended for long-term storage of liquids. Alcohol, some juices, and dairy products may cause pressure build up which can damage the lid and lead to leakage

  • If you use your Lykka bottle for fizzy drinks, please be careful when you open the lid as pressure build up may cause spill. Never point the bottle at someone if you are opening it with fizzy drinks inside

  • All lids may leak if not handled properly, Hot beverages may cause serious injuries if spilt on users. Please be careful when using your Lykka product

  • Lykka promise to bring a little bit magic, everyday. However too much magic can be harmful. Therefore do not shake too much as the Lykka bottle surface can get hot quick, over-shaking may cause premature wear and tear of your Lykka bottle