Product Quality


Our Lykka Original and Lykka Kvarting bottles are both made of highest quality food grade stainless steel. This type of steel is highly resistant against rust and is easy to clean, so there is no need for any liners. All seals are BPA free.

All Lykka products meet the highest standard of food safety in both US and EU.

Your Lykka reusable bottle is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to single use products.


The Original Lykka bottle (630ml/21oz)

The original Lykka bottle holds 630ml/21oz. It is perfectly designed with great style and quality.

You can use it for ice water, wine, or juice for a cool refreshment in the summer or coffee, tea, other hot drinks to keep warm in the howling winds.

All Lykka bottles comes with traveler’s lid as standard, for people on the go. Traditional screw-on lids are available options at the


The Lykka Kvarting (400ml/14oz)

The Kvarting holds 400ml/14oz, this is a traditional Swedish measurement for beverages.

“Kvarting” means quarter of “a stop” (see picture) which was an old measurement for drinking beer, wine or vodka and contains 1.3 litre.

The Lykka Kvarting is perfect size for any drinks and for anyone on the go.

Like all other bottles the Lykka Kvarting comes with traveler’s lid.

Do you like the picture? It is from the world famous Hallwylska museet in Stockholm Sweden.

We warmly recommend a visit when you are in Stockholm next time.

If you go on an airplane and want to bring your Lykka bottle, no worries! Our Lykka bottles are airport security proof as long as you remember to empty out what’s inside first – Safe travels!

All Lykka bottles are designed in Sweden and responsibly manufactured in China under supervision by the Lykka professional quality engineers.

To minimize the CO2  footprint, we use optimized minimal packaging and ship directly from our own contracted fulfillment centers in HK or Free Trade Zones in China.