About the founders - Gunnar and Frank

The founders’ roots are both in the North, this is where they return when the tested & true HNC heat exchange technology was applied to the thermos and the Lykka brand was created.

They grow up in a much bigger world, a world full of mysteries, and magical moments. Gunnar was from a small Swedish town just south of Stockholm, Frank went to schools in Canada.

Gunnar grew up playing hockey, often on the street or the natural ice arena of Lake Kvännaren. Most kids didn’t have proper gear, just skates, stick and a helmet for a lucky few. He went on to work for Alfa Laval, a Swedish company which is the worldwide leader of heat-exchangers; The first job lasted many years.

Frank grew up playing soccer, either in the school or in parks. Sometimes groups of kids gather up to play, in matches that meant all for them, or at least the bragging rights until next time. They all shared the dreams of becoming a famous star, or at least to play for the local team.

Playing in the rain, dashing to the car, or riding a bike to school, regardless of the home knitted pullovers or extra layers of clothes, they treasured the warmth at home in those cold, wet and grey winter days.

Even if Frank and Gunnar grow up a world apart, they shared a desire to explore the world and for the past 25 years or so they have lived and travelled across the globe, many times their paths have crossed in a number of entrepreneurial pursuits and their families have become good friends. 

When they started the Lykka brand, it was all of these experiences they wanted to relive.

What they learn to appreciate is the small "magical" things in life that can spark your day, everyday and every day.

This is what Lykka is all about.