HNC Transmit Technology - How it works?

HNC Transmit Technology is Lykka’s unique patented technology to bring a bit of magic everyday.Lykka’s HNC technology is based on heat exchange technologies from Alfa Laval, the century old Swedish company which is the worldwide industry leader of heat exchangers.A heat exchanger is a system used to transfer heat between two or more fluids. Heat exchangers are used in both cooling and heating processes.

How does my Lykka bottle work?

There is a patented heat transfer agent sealed between the two stainless walls of the thermol. When you shake Lykka bottle, the agent in liquid form at the bottom will be evaporate and fill the walls. Then, the energy is transferred from beverages to the bottle, so you can feel the warm or cold effect. As this happening, the beverage temperature changes too. Example super-hot coffee will be at drinkable temperature while you can warm your hands in the cold days.

How to use and care for your Lykka products?

Here are some guidelines on how to use and care for your Lykka products: - Do not place your Lykka product in the microwave oven- Do not place your Lykka product in the freezer- Do not place your Lykka product on a direct heat source like an oven or stove- Do not overfill, hot liquid can cause burns if spilled- To prevent spills and leakage and to maximize the heat (or cooling) time, the lid needs to be properly and fully tightened to ensure airtight seal, the use of the traveler’s lid will reduce the efficiency- Lykka bottles are not intended for long-term storage of liquids. Alcohol, some juices, and dairy products may cause pressure build up which can damage the lid and lead to leakage- If you use your Lykka bottle for fizzy drinks, please be careful when you open the lid as pressure build up may cause spill. Never point the bottle at someone if you are opening it with fizzy drinks inside- All lids may leak if not handled properly, Hot beverages may cause serious injuries if spilt on users. Please be careful when using your Lykka product- Lykka promise to bring a little bit magic, everyday. However too much magic can be harmful. Therefore do not shake too much as the Lykka bottle surface can get hot quick, over-shaking may cause premature wear and tear of your Lykka bottle

Cleaning and care of my Lykka bottles

We recommend washing your bottle in warm water and detergent after each use. Let the bottle dry upside down with the lid off. This will keep your Lykka bottle looking and smelling fresh!Avoid submerging your Lykka bottle completely for extended period of time as it may cause premature wear and tear and compromise the efficiency of your bottle.Do not clean your Lykka bottle in the dishwasher, it might cause damage to the seals, malfunction of the HNC heat exchange mechanism, or premature wear and tear of the bottle.

The lid is too tight?

The lid can be a bit tight when you newly purchased it for safety purpose. It will get lose over time upon using it.

Leaking problem

Please make sure the bottle cap is closed tightly. (how do we response to the leaking problem of large bottle?)

Manufacturing, Quality & Safety


Our Lykka Original and Lykka Kvarting bottles are both made of highest quality food grade stainless steel. This type of steel is highly resistant against rust and is easy to clean, so there is no need for any liners. All seals are BPA free.The LYKKA bottle is TUV (German technical lab) certified for safety, and meeting FDA standards.Your Lykka reusable bottle is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to single use products.

Is it safe?

The patented agent is fully sealed between the 2 stainless walls of the thermal. Even in the worst case scenario of a damage due to extraordinary force, the agent will just evaporate into the air. It is not a dangerous material, therefore the bottle is completely safe even in case of damage or leakage.

Warranty information

Lykka offers a one-year limited warranty on all products purchased through or through any authorized dealers with proof of purchase.The Lykka warranty covers any manufacturing or material defects.To report a claim, please send an email to including a short description of the problem, proof of purchase, and your contact details. Also, it is very useful if you attach detailed pictures of the damage or defects (if applicable). It might be necessary to ask you to return the defect bottle for further follow up investigations, in such case we will provide you with all shipping labels.Out Lykka customer care team will review each claim case, if the Lykka team deems a replacement is necessary, we will replace the product with the same style and size.The Lykka One-year limited warranty does not cover any issues related to improper care or use of the product, nor any normal tear and wear or loss/theft of the bottle

Can I bring Lykka bottle on plane?

If you go on an airplane and want to bring your Lykka bottle, no worries! Our Lykka bottles are airport security proof as long as you remember to empty out what’s inside first – Safe travels!


What is Lykka?

The meaning of the word “Lykka” is happiness in Swedish.Lykka for us is about seeing magic in everything and about appreciating the small things in life. With our products we want to bring moments of Lykka to your everyday life. It is about making the ordinary extraordinary.

Brand Story (About the founders - Gunnar and Frank)

The founders’ roots are both in the North, this is where they return when the tested & true HNC heat exchange technology was applied to the thermos and the Lykka brand was created.They grow up in a much bigger world, a world full of mysteries, and magical moments. Gunnar was from a small Swedish town just south of Stockholm, Frank went to schools in Canada.Gunnar grew up playing hockey, often on the street or the natural ice arena of Lake Kvännaren. Most kids didn’t have proper gear, just skates, stick and a helmet for a lucky few. He went on to work for Alfa Laval, a Swedish company which is the worldwide leader of heat-exchangers; The first job lasted many years.Frank grew up playing soccer, either in the school or in parks. Sometimes groups of kids gather up to play, in matches that meant all for them, or at least the bragging rights until next time. They all shared the dreams of becoming a famous star, or at least to play for the local team.Playing in the rain, dashing to the car, or riding a bike to school, regardless of the home knitted pullovers or extra layers of clothes, they treasured the warmth at home in those cold, wet and grey winter days.Even if Frank and Gunnar grow up a world apart, they shared a desire to explore the world and for the past 25 years or so they have lived and travelled across the globe, many times their paths have crossed in a number of entrepreneurial pursuits and their families have become good friends. When they started the Lykka brand, it was all of these experiences they wanted to relive.What they learn to appreciate is the small "magical" things in life that can spark your day, everyday and every day.This is what Lykka is all about.

Product Design

Design & Production

All Lykka bottles are designed in Sweden and responsibly manufactured in China under supervision by the Lykka professional quality engineers. The bottles are made of highest quality food grade stainless steel. This type of steel is highly resistant against rust and is easy to clean, so there is no need for any liners. All seals are BPA free.

The Original Lykka bottle (630ml/21oz)

The original Lykka bottle holds 630ml/21oz. It is perfectly designed with great style and quality.You can use it for ice water, wine, or juice for a cool refreshment in the summer or coffee, tea, other hot drinks to keep warm in the howling winds.All Lykka bottles comes with traveler’s lid as standard, for people on the go. Traditional screw-on lids are available options at the

The Lykka Kvarting (400ml/14oz)

The Kvarting holds 400ml/14oz, this is a traditional Swedish measurement for beverages.“Kvarting” means quarter of “a stop” (see picture) which was an old measurement for drinking beer, wine or vodka and contains 1.3 litre.The Lykka Kvarting is perfect size for any drinks and for anyone on the go.Like all other bottles the Lykka Kvarting comes with traveler’s lid.